Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions JvonConstruction Group of Companies.


All sales of JvonConstruction shall be deemed as “Final Sale” if any returned items are approved, and accepted by a representative a restocking fee of 35% shall apply. This fee shall be deducted from the balance that would be returned to the customer.  


If purchasing a service online, you agree to the following that applies

-       We are not held liable in any way or form for any damage that has occurred to any property while JvonConstruction has been hired.

-       Properties must be obstacle free in order to allow us to perform our service.

-       JvonConstruction shall place a lawn sign on all sites we perform work on, once the service has been completed we shall send a team member to remove the sign from the property.


If purchasing a product, you agree to the following that applies

-       All clients shall receive free delivery

-       Products may be picked up at our Dundalk Location

-       If you choose our delivery method that is subject to a fee, if the item weight is over 100 lbs you are required to have assistance in unloading the product, such as a forklift or etc. If no equipment is present on site, JvonConstruction delivery driver shall return to our yard with you product and there shall be no refund for delivery, you then shall pay delivery once again or pick it up from our yard.

PRO Section

JvonConstruction Group of Companies.

30124 Rexdale PO. Etobicoke, ON. M9W 0B1.


Subcontract agreement is made and effective day of registration to be come a JvonConstruction PRO. Between JvonConstruction Group of Companies (the "contractor") referred to as Jvon’s hereafter, a company organized and existing under the laws of the province of Ontario, with its head office located at: 30124 Rexdale PO. Etobicoke, ON. M9W 0B1. AND: (The "Subcontractor", "Sub"), a company organized and existing under the laws for the province of Ontario, and having its head office located at: (Refer to PRO address in registration)


WHEREAS Contractor has or will be entering into, or will hereafter enter into, a general construction contract, henceforth "The Prime Contract" with the owner(s) of various projects, to perform in accordance with various contract documents and specifications certain work prepared by the owner and / or his representatives. WHERAS Contractor desires to retain Subcontractor to perform all or parts of a certain contract work in accordance with carious contractor documents and specifications and/or to furnish labor. materials, supplies, equipment and/or goods for the various projects.


NOW THEREFORE AND HEREAFTER Contractor and Subcontractor agree to the following: 1. SUBCONTRACT WORK Subcontractor shall be employed as an independent contractor and shall provide and furnish all labor, materials, tools, supplies, equipment for the various projects underlined in the scope of work that Jvon's sends you. Subcontractor must provide appropriate Workman's Comp Clearance Certificate and or contracts. Subcontractor must present themselves as representatives for JvonConstruction and must not make representations to their own company and/or and other related firm or representations.


Subcontractor must have no personal representations at job sites, such as their company name on trucks, signs at job sites, shirts, business cards etc. Any demands by the customer and/or customer reps for such disclosure must always be forwarded to JvonConstruction head office. Any request for additional work by customers of Jvon's must be forwarded to Jvon's head office. Any request for work or quote for work obtained while working on a Jvon's job from an outside party is considered proprietary to Jvon's and must be referred to Jvon's head office.


Subcontractor is responsible for correction of any and all damage that is created by the subcontractor on the project. Contractor will withhold appropriate funds from the job completion until such damage is corrected by the sub. If contractor deems that the completion is not correcting the issues in a timely or correct manner, Contractor may at his sol and unfettered discretion, complete the corrections and bill back to the subcontractor (take off original bill). Subcontractor must maintain a high level of professional, cordial and polite manner at all times on all job sites. Sub must maintain communication between themselves and Contractor and/or the customer if appropriate. Subcontractor is required to place signs at the jobsite and hand out JvonConstruction cards to any individual or company inquiring about work.


While subcontractor is on a Jvon's job. Subcontractor is responsible to complete the project on time, minus any reasonable and unexpected acts of god, such as rain, wing, snow of freezing conditions. If the contractor in his sole discretion deems the sub is not completing the work, per contract specifications, and/or on a timely fashion, contractor may terminate the sub from the project.


2. SAFETY Subcontractor agreed to adhere to all safety standards set out by government regulators and/or JvonConstruction Safety standards as set out in the JvonConstruction Safety manual.


3. SUBCONTRACTING PRICE In consideration of the Subcontractor's performance to any work performed. Subcontractor will be paid the agreed upon amount plus HST. All invoice will be paid within 30 days of substantial completion, unless otherwise agreed upon. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the day and year of date above.